“… Tours positions as a real cultural crossroad the langue of the world which is inescapable essential vehicle.” Jean Germain Mayor of Tours city.
        AMOU Cultural Association (ACA)

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E mail, asso.amou @ hotmail.fr
* To close the people by culture.
* Promotion of language courses.
* Promotion of peace.
* Sensitize the Afghans citizens on universal declaration of human rights values.
* Highlighting the importance of environments.
- Holding languages courses.
- Celebrating the national and international occasions.
- Discussing human rights situation in our native country.
Who are we?
An association created according to the law 1901 in 2006 by afghan living in Tours. It was registered by the prefecture of Indre-and- Loire in December 2006 under the number of w372003999 and appeared in J.O. no 3 On January 2007. Today it has more than forty associative members which attending regularly the meeting ceremony or any occasions when they were called by the bureau members*. Natively we are from Afghanistan our common culture facilitates us to be in touch.
                Why AMOU?
It is a way by which we can have a good relation with our city and administration as well as other associations which have the similar activities. It is also a positive answer for the worried families of abandonment of theirs mother tongue: « my children do not like to talk me in our language» said the mother of five Afghan children. It is not the only case, the majority of the families recall the same problem when they meet each others. The families feel a gap between them and their children. to fill the existed gap between children and parents we decided to set up Dari and Pashto courses for the children and French for the parents. As in our city there is no a learning centre for Dari/ Persian and Pashto speakers, this can be an asset for inhabitants in case of need it.
This is not the langue of one country, you speak Dari and you will be quite! In three different countries, like Afghanistan and its two neighbours, Iran, Tajikistan as well some city in Pakistan.
In the past years, Afghan citizen in Tours have no an association, have no a centre for celebrating their national and religion occasions according to their culture. That is why after a need assessment; AMOU has created in a friendly way. Probably its existence not be welcomed by somebody, they have right to reject or accept it, but even so, its existence is necessary. AMOU, considered as symbol of transparency (name of a river in Afghanistan) within AMOU, we would have possibility to exercise associative life and respecting democracy between us.   
By the mentioned motives, the AMOU association is eligible and has the capacity to offer its activities and introduce Afghan culture for this pretty city and «a true cultural crossroad ". Purposes of our association are coherent, affirmed each other and sometimes are correlative. When we talk about peace we have a definition of it. The peace the association of which believes has two indicators; it must be based on human rights and right of nature (environment). The human beings can not be discussed without rights and environment.
AMOU purposes shows that there is no religious, ethnical and gender discrimination within this group. The women have enough opportunity to discuss their ideas and to defence them in AMOU’s meetings, and have right to execute their proposals- by the group -approved in the meeting. One of the values of which association believes is collective system. Every suggestion can be realised when it approved by the meeting. There are no hidden activities within association, all decisions makes opened, it shows that the association has arrived in at capacity step to not be forced to hide its activities. The work spread over members, everybody has her/his own responsibility. For example accounting is responsible for his account, but authorised to prevent the interference of other members. Transparency in all activities, especially in financial affairs, is one of the high characteristic of AMOU which distinguish from the other Afghan GO and NGO structures. AMOU emphasize transparency and carry on trustworthy environment to guaranty its development.
The AMOU vision is wide; just looks on human being without any distinction of race AMOU respect all religion around the world, but disgusted from all kind of aggravation of religion tensions.           
Today the AMOU association is considered to be a forerunner of two advantages:-
Firstly; give opportunity to the afghan women to participate as decision makers in its meetings. Secondly; give opportunity for the adults and the children to improve their language. AMOU association pays more attention on children; that is why provided them the courses and specified a centre for them.
* President KAZIMI Sayed, Treasurer MADEC Hadji, Secretary Mrs REZAIE Agnes, vice president   NAIBI. Professors of Dari & Pashto, ANDISHY and KHAWRIN...